About Falcon HCA

At Falcon Healthcare Agency, our mission is to find the future that fits your dreams. We’re here to make your first career move your best career move.


The journey to become an MD is daunting. We know, because many of our team have been through it. In addition to having several MDs on staff, we’ve spent the last 15 years helping medical students prepare for — and overwhelmingly pass — the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

As more and more of our students moved on to become residents, we watched one after another of them struggle with the final hurdle between them and their dreams: first-time job placement.

We are a physician led healthcare agency, we know the process because we have walked it ourselves. Our goal is to get to know you, and conduct a personalized job search and placement that revolves around you.

Why is finding that first job so difficult?

Despite mounting pressure to find a job, we saw residents working 80 hour weeks, handling growing family commitments, and having little time or energy to:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the job market.
  • Clearly assess their worth in that market.
  • Effectively negotiate on their own behalf.

It should come as no surprise, then, that 65% of first-time physician placements fail to last longer than 3 years. Why? Residents too often take the first job offered rather than find the best job for them.

We created Falcon Healthcare Agency to change all that.

Our career concierge service pairs a wealth of job market expertise and unparalleled employer access with a deep understanding of each candidate. To our team, residents are people with unique personalities, drivers, and dreams. We complete a personal job fit profile for each of our clients, and tailor our search to their unique needs. Getting to know each candidate as an individual is what allows us find a future that fits.

Our process is quick, painless, and cost-free to candidates. We never jam people into jobs based on an employer’s agenda — we work independently on behalf of each candidate. Our unique career concierge service provides highly motivated, successful candidates to employers, which is an incredible value to them.

When we find a successful fit, employers pay an industry-standard commission, just as they would to any candidate source. At Falcon, we take end-to-end advocacy very seriously. We can’t be successful unless we place our residents successfully—and that’s just as it should be.