The “Business Side” of your Medical Career – Tips for Graduating Residents

November 20, 2014

Image Credit: Alexander Stein A medical education teaches you a lot; you are, after all, responsible for maintaining people’s lives and well-beings. However, there are lessons you may not learn that are crucial in determining whether you have a successful career. In a 2011 survey of final-year medical residents... Read More

Dealing with depression during residency

November 6, 2014

Image Credit: Lloyd Morgan     An inescapable fact of being a medical professional is that you will be subjected to stress, be it from the medical procedures you perform or a less than ideal situation with one of your patients. During residency, you’re especially likely to face stressful... Read More

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

October 30, 2014

Image Credit: Hobvias Sudoneighm     Online reviews help many of us determine which option to choose when considering a product or service. They also help us share our approvals or words of caution based on our experiences. Many businesses benefit from online reviews, either to gain an insight... Read More

Questions to Ask Physician Candidates

October 23, 2014

Image Credit: Dennis Hill     Do the questions you ask your physician candidates help you gain a deep insight into their personality, as well as the value they offer you? When conducting interviews, it’s incredibly easy to rely on generic and stereotypical questions (“Where do you see yourself... Read More

HIPAA and Social Media

October 16, 2014

Image Credit: jfcherry     There’s a lot of value social media offers physicians, fellows, and residents—from connecting with peers across the globe to educating patients on health issues & maintenance strategies. Successfully using social media to boost your professional success involves adopting the right strategies and avoiding some... Read More