Listening Skills for Physicians

October 9, 2014

Image Credit: Vic     The ability of listening well is a skill that’s crucial for a physician to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a patient. However, it is often one that physicians ignore or do not invest in developing. Listening to your patients isn’t just a formality; it’s... Read More

Having a Successful Residency

October 2, 2014

Image Credit: Kiran Foster     Your medical residency is a crucial and busy time of your life. Often, your responsibilities and duties can feel overwhelming—leaving you with worries that you may not be making the most of the experience. As big as your residency-related tasks and obligations might... Read More

Evaluating Physician Job Offers

September 25, 2014

Image Credit: Nick Page     As you get closer to graduation from your residency or fellowship program and prepare to transition to physician practice, you are likely to receive a variety of physician job offers. Choosing between these offers can be a tough task, especially when combined with... Read More

Planning and Managing Time

September 18, 2014

Image Credit: Nomadic Lass     If there’s one factor that feels completely out of your control during your residency, it’s time. Often, residents will spend all or most of their time doing what they’re instructed to and following up on their medical responsibilities. Feeling like you’re not in... Read More

Succeeding in Your Phone Interviews

September 11, 2014

Image Credit: Martin Cathrae     During your transition to physician practice, the first major communication you will have with your potential employer is your phone interview. Many employers use the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of candidates and decide which ones are worth pursuing further for employment.... Read More