Why residents should keep up with medical advancements

January 16, 2014

Innovation and discovery take place increasingly faster with each step forward in technological and scientific advancement—it’s the nature of the beast. This is particularly reflected in medicine, where the knowledge of conditions and their treatments is vastly different from what was known by the medical community even a few... Read More

Importance of Your Physician CV

October 28, 2013

Guest Blog by Conrad Fischer, MD Your CV is probably the most important tool during your job hunt, so getting it right is absolutely essential. It is one of the few aspects of the job search that you are in control of to determine your career path. Your CV... Read More

Residency Program Coordinator: Your New BFF

September 12, 2013

Guest Blog by Conrad Fischer, MD Do you know your Program Coordinator’s name? No? Well then you must not actually be in a Residency Program. Because if you were, you would know his/her kids’ names, where they went to school, their favorite kinds of food, their shoe size…everything! Your... Read More