Managing Your Med School Debt

December 26, 2014

Image Credit: Simon Cunningham     In a survey by Merritt Hawkins, three out of four final year residents reported having some amount of student loan debt. Over half of the respondents reported that the debt exceeded $100,000. When faced with six-digit debt, it’s easy to feel stressed and... Read More

The “Business Side” of your Medical Career – Tips for Graduating Residents

November 20, 2014

Image Credit: Alexander Stein A medical education teaches you a lot; you are, after all, responsible for maintaining people’s lives and well-beings. However, there are lessons you may not learn that are crucial in determining whether you have a successful career. In a 2011 survey of final-year medical residents... Read More

HIPAA and Social Media

October 16, 2014

Image Credit: jfcherry     There’s a lot of value social media offers physicians, fellows, and residents—from connecting with peers across the globe to educating patients on health issues & maintenance strategies. Successfully using social media to boost your professional success involves adopting the right strategies and avoiding some... Read More

Listening Skills for Physicians

October 9, 2014

Image Credit: Vic     The ability of listening well is a skill that’s crucial for a physician to accurately diagnose and effectively treat a patient. However, it is often one that physicians ignore or do not invest in developing. Listening to your patients isn’t just a formality; it’s... Read More

Evaluating Physician Job Offers

September 25, 2014

Image Credit: Nick Page     As you get closer to graduation from your residency or fellowship program and prepare to transition to physician practice, you are likely to receive a variety of physician job offers. Choosing between these offers can be a tough task, especially when combined with... Read More