How to Respond to Negative Reviews

October 30, 2014

Image Credit: Hobvias Sudoneighm     Online reviews help many of us determine which option to choose when considering a product or service. They also help us share our approvals or words of caution based on our experiences. Many businesses benefit from online reviews, either to gain an insight... Read More

Questions to Ask Physician Candidates

October 23, 2014

Image Credit: Dennis Hill     Do the questions you ask your physician candidates help you gain a deep insight into their personality, as well as the value they offer you? When conducting interviews, it’s incredibly easy to rely on generic and stereotypical questions (“Where do you see yourself... Read More

How to conduct interviews effectively

August 7, 2014

Image Credit: Chiaki Hayashi     While the entire recruitment process is designed to help you identify the right physician candidates for your hospital’s staff, interviews are the best method in truly understanding what each candidate has to offer so you can make an informed hiring decision. Here are... Read More

Unearthing the Best Physician Candidates

July 31, 2014

Image credit: Julie Walraven     As a member of a hospital’s recruitment team, this year’s wave of physician candidates for you to pick from is here. While the great variety of potential candidates you have gives you the ability to be discerning in who you pick, it’s important... Read More

Social Media Etiquette for Residents and Physicians

July 17, 2014

We’ve all heard stories about how someone’s social media use/lack of filter led to personal and professional consequences, ranging from minor embarrassments to serious problems. As a medical professional, you’re vulnerable to suffering some personal or professional harm due to any actions you take on social media, as did... Read More