What Successful Residents Do

December 31, 2014

Image Credit: com_salud     Whether you’re transitioning from med school to residency or currently working toward completing your residency, you’ve probably set yourself the goal of making 2015 a successful time in your career. While there are broad strategies you can adopt to set yourself up for your... Read More

Managing Your Med School Debt

December 26, 2014

Image Credit: Simon Cunningham     In a survey by Merritt Hawkins, three out of four final year residents reported having some amount of student loan debt. Over half of the respondents reported that the debt exceeded $100,000. When faced with six-digit debt, it’s easy to feel stressed and... Read More

Dealing with depression during residency

November 6, 2014

Image Credit: Lloyd Morgan     An inescapable fact of being a medical professional is that you will be subjected to stress, be it from the medical procedures you perform or a less than ideal situation with one of your patients. During residency, you’re especially likely to face stressful... Read More

Sustaining a Medical Relationship

September 4, 2014

Image Credit: Satish Krishnamurthy     For residents and their significant others, the commitment demanded by a medical career can strain even the strongest of relationships. With everything from long work hours to a lack of anticipated free time, many partners in a “medical relationship” can find themselves resentful... Read More

Conflict Resolution for Resident Spouses

August 14, 2014

Image Credit: Found Animals Foundation     The journey from residency to physician practice can be a tough time for spouses of residents. Residents’ time is limited due to the demands of their their professional career, and when they do find free time, it may be at odd hours... Read More