How It Works

How can medical residents win in just one move? Connect with a Falcon career concierge for personalized job placement services that revolve around you.

Make your job search simple.

Let our career concierge team find a future that fits in 3 fast and effective steps.

Step 1: Your Priorities

Our process is designed to make the most of your valuable time. We ask the right questions and listen with an expert ear to understand your unique needs. Your dedicated career concierge completes your personal job fit profile in as little as 30 minutes. Need more time? No problem — we’re here for you.

Step 2: Your Opportunities

With permission to represent you for 30 days, we leverage a discerning eye and unparalleled employer access to find opportunities that deserve your attention —even those that have never been listed on job boards. Jobs that don’t fit you, your family, or your dreams simply don’t make the cut.

Step 3: Your Potential

When we find a fit you wish to pursue, we advocate for your full potential and facilitate your placement door-to-door. From interviews to contract negotiations, we help you secure a complete package — including the critical details job seekers often overlook or are too jittery to discuss.

Make your job search simple.

We work on a contingency basis, cost-free to candidates. Whatever you’re looking for, we give you more:

  • More competitive compensation.
  • More desirable locations.
  • More flexibility.

It all begins with a more personalized job search.