Who We Are

The Falcon career concierge team pairs a wealth of healthcare job market expertise and unparalleled employer access with a deep understanding of each candidate.

We want to work for you.

We know your potential—and what’s more, we know how to help you realize it.

We know you

At Falcon, we know the road you’re on because we’ve walked it ourselves. Led by MDs with over 15 years of working with medical students and junior faculty physicians, we understand the challenges you face in realizing your potential. We know what it’s like to balance your professional goals with life outside work, including family commitments and expectations.

We know the market

Over the last 15 years, we’ve honed partner relationships with a vast network of healthcare employers. We know how they think and what they need — sometimes before they know it themselves. With our exclusive job fit profile process, employers look to us as a source of highly desirable candidates. Why? They know that our team doesn’t jam people into jobs. What we do help is new physicians launch careers.

We know negotiation

In the process of earning your credentials, you may have lost sight of your value in the real world. We haven’t. The Falcon team is skilled in negotiating complete and competitive packages for our clients — from the essentials to the often-overlooked considerations that make a big difference for our clients. We advocate for you, start to finish.

Put our team to work.

We obsess so you don’t have to. Focus your energy on work and family, and let us:

  • Shield you from distracting options that don’t fit.
  • Focus your attention on opportunities that deserve attention.
  • Facilitate your entry into work that works for you.

It all begins with a more personalized job search.